What Do You Want From Us?!

Do NOT put away your cell phones. What Do You Want From Us?! is the only stand-up comedy show in the world (as far as we know) 100% directed by you, the audience, silently and anonymously voting to determine the content and energy every step of the way.

An idea born out of two contradicting statements -- “A good comic should be able to appeal to any crowd” and “You can’t please everybody” -- What Do You Want From Us?! puts the audience in control of an entire show’s worth of content and energy from start to finish, in real time, so that, in the end, with data, we can prove we gave the majority of the room exactly what it wanted.
This project has been described by friends as:

  • "Interesting."
  • "Almost like a social experiment."
  • "Dude, how bored are you?"

This is your show. Your vote matters. So come tell us What Do You Want From Us?!