The Sandy Claus Save The Strippers Telethon 2020

December 17th: 1:00pm - 7:50pm Pacific / 4:00pm - 10:50pm Eastern

Sandy Claus, Santa's older, gayer, drunker sister, usually spends Christmas at the Strip Club. This year, she is hosting a telethon for strippers to help them make it through the Holiday season.  Part virtual strip club, part comedy show, the Sandy Claus Save the Strippers Telethon is 6.9 hours of Sandy joy and ridiculousness to lighten your spirits and your loads. 

Featuring Kristen Becker as Sandy Claus with special guests Doug Stanhope, Elle Stanger, Miss Lili, Lucy Blue Skies, Nina NysinaughtyChloe & JennySageDwayne Duke, JT Habersaat, Maiden Waits Bella Vendetta, Sunny Cheex, Miss Wendy Michelle, Miss Big City and more! 

10% of proceeds benefit Lysistrata, a sex worker mutual aid group.

Choose Your Support Level:

  • $5 GA: I want in!Access the stream on the Next Week Rocks website. View in any browser.
  • $150 VIP Jingle my Bells - Interact with the show! VIP access to the stream, a sexy shout out during the Telethon, and a special digital Christmas gift delivered Christmas Eve. 
  • $500 Stripper Savior - Sponsor the Telethon! Enjoy VIP status, an extra special shout-out during the stream, extra digital Christmas gifts delivered Christmas Eve, and a Holiday message from Sandy Claus.